There are many common myths about caring for trees, but knowing the facts about them is key. In fact, some of these practices can be hazardous to trees and humans. So, we must debunk these myths about tree care and become aware of the best practices. We must avoid any practice that could be harmful to the health of the tree. In order to do that, we must educate ourselves and seek out reliable advice from qualified professionals.


A common myth about tree care is that trees should be staked. This is simply not true. Only new trees need staking, and then only if they need help staying upright. Once they are strong enough, it is best to remove the stakes. This way, they will remain healthy and unharmed. However, new trees should never be staked. Staking can also be a health risk for the tree.

Another myth about tree care is that it is harmful to the tree. This practice is completely counterproductive. While staking your trees can help prevent potential fall hazards, it can actually kill them. It restricts the trunk’s ability to absorb energy, and can cause damage to the roots of the tree. It also increases the risk of pest infestation and disease. Hence, you must always check the soil condition of the trees before doing anything.

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