While the traditional flowers for Valentine’s Day include teddy bears, valentines, and flowers, it’s not uncommon to see some plants adorned with the same sentiments. While some plants are simply symbols of love, others carry special meanings that make them worthy of a gift. Here are three plant species that symbolize love: the cherry tree, the fern tree, and the lilac tree.

Cherry blossoms are the most commonly given flowers, and are often given to signify true love. While cherry blossoms only last a few weeks, their beauty is permanent. Consider planting a cherry tree in your garden to symbolize your love. A redwood tree is another popular choice, indicating “forever” in a relationship. As an added bonus, cherry blossoms are beautiful and fragrant.

Cedar trees are often used as symbols of new love. Their scent evokes the feelings of freshness, happiness, and a more intimate relationship. A redwood tree is often used to represent a forever relationship. Lastly, elm trees represent fidelity, optimism, and joy. They can also signify truth and faithfulness. Regardless of which plant you choose, be sure to pick one with special meaning.

In addition to giving flowers to show your love, flowers have a symbolic meaning. The red-petalled delphinium is a nationally recognized tree and was given to the United States by the Japanese in 1912. Asters are a symbol of eternal love and a 10th-anniversary flower, bringing a dozen months of happy memories. White jasmine, on the other hand, represents secret love and is associated with purity and beauty.

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