Common Tree Diseases You Shouldn’t Ignore


The most important part of caring for your trees is knowing about the common tree diseases that can cause trouble. These can be destructive to your trees, but it’s also important to know how to spot the symptoms, so that you can take immediate action. Many of these diseases start with little symptoms, like brown leaves or foliage. You should not ignore them, as they may be signs of a bigger problem.

Slime Flux: This fungal disease is the most common of the common tree diseases. It shows up as dark streaks on the leaves and stems of a tree. It is a result of internal damage or stress, and is an opportunity to address the underlying cause of the disease. If you notice these symptoms, you can treat your trees immediately. If you aren’t sure how to treat it, try this simple solution.

Tar spot: The tar spots on the leaves of your trees are a sign that your trees have a fungus. While these are cosmetic, they can cause minor stress on your trees. If you see them on your trees, dispose of them in the fall, and don’t forget to check for them. Powdery mildew: This disease is a fungal infection that causes white powder on leaves. It can’t be washed off. It develops in shady areas, and can cause serious damage.

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